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EUROKERAMIKI P.C. was founded in 2018 with offices, show room and warehouse in Thessaloniki. Scope of its activities is the trade of materials and machinery for pottery.

Our company is collaborating and representing in Greece exclusively well known companies like Goerg & Schneider,  Witgert and Ceramica Collet S.A. for the clay,  TERRACOLOR GmbH , Welte, Amaco , Mayco and Cerco for glazes,  KITTEC GmbH and  NABERTHERM GmbH  for pottery kilns and industrial machinery.

Our clients are companies from public and private sector, educational institutions, and other public organizations.

EUROKERAMIKI PC among others:

Achieved synergies between its customers, communicates news and exhibitions and information that might be interesting to its clients

Participates and supports as sponsor officially, locally various activities and shows that are organized from companies and other organizations.

Organizing events.

Αποτελεί μια 100% κλιματικά ουδέτερη εταιρεία.

Has constant presence in Social Media.



Inspiration and support of companies and organizations for sustainability through consultation, communication, networking and ecological products, with people-environment -financial με επίκεντρο το τρίπτυχο άνθρωπος - περιβάλλον - οικονομική ωφέλεια.


"Lead sustainable change for a better future"

A sustainable world where each company kai organization is operating with responsibility and respect to the human and natural capital, with growth as a target.



Morality and Integrity

Clear objective


Exchange of knowledge and experience

Comradely Spirit

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