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Developed for use in environments with a limited amount of space such as schools or pottery courses, the KITTEC RS table top slab roller with its quality and durability is also a valuable tool for professional potters and ceramic workshops. Thanks to its extra large working dimensions, which has not always been the case in this product area, the KITTEC RS is suitable for many purposes. Once the work is done, it is quickly and easily dismantled and put away, therefore saving space.

The well-tried mechanism of the KITTEC RS table slab roller makes it easy to form clay into perfect slabs. Two galvanised cylinders running in opposite directions roll the clay into slabs with equivalent characteristics. The thickness of the slab can be adapted by turning a single, centrally installed adjusting crank. The integrated, millimetre accuracy scale is the guarantee of exact and reproducible slab thicknesses.

The large working area of the KITTEC RS also makes it easy to roll large slabs. The slab size is not limited by the dimensions of the work area when doing this. Larger slabs can also be made by using two linen cloths.


Icon Check Orange The slab thickness can be simply and precisely adjusted by turning a single, centrally mounted, smooth-running crank handle.

Icon Check Orange Millimetre-exact scale for precise and exactly reproducible slab thicknesses.

Icon Check Orange Solid and durable construction

Icon Check Orange Work surface can be easily removed for space-saving storage after use.

Icon Check Orange Position of lower cylinder can be set using the adjustable feet of the work surface.

Icon Check Orange Overall length of clay slabs can exceed the length of the work surface by using two linen cloths.

Icon Check Orange Cylinders and other mechanical parts are protected from corrosion by galvanising.

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