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Casting body 245 is a light to beige coloured firing fine stoneware casting body without chamotte. The recommended firing range is 1000 °C – 1150 °C.
This low sintering casting body is suitable for making garden ceramics and tableware.

The relatively early dense-firing can minimize energy consumption during firing. It is good for combining with throwing body 245.

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O 310 is a stoneware clay with low sintering temperature.

Its limit is 1150οC at which the absorption in water is already only 0.1%.


Pack in an airtight package of 10 kg.



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Low cintering cream-colored stoneware clay

Baking temperature: 1000οC - 1100οC.

Antiflocculants : (Dolaflux 20gr - Giessfix 40gr) / 25kg

Water ratio: 10,25lt / 25kg


The price refers to the quantity of 1kg.



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